Monday, 27 June 2011

Update On Salford Home Defender - Sign Petition

Mr Peter Flanagan Salford Home Defender

Peter Flanagan, of Ethel Avenue Salford who defending his property from a gang of raiders and factually stabbed one of the assailants remains on police bail.

It has know been established by Greater Manchester Police that the gang dressed in dark clothing and balaclavas had possibly mistaken the address for an bingo winner and professional gambler who lives in the surrounding area.

Its understood that John Bennell from Tameside who was stabbed, pulled away by his fellow accomplices and dumped on a near by road while they fled, died later from a wound, His father Garry Bennell from Denton has spoke out to apologise for his sons actions

Detectives from Greater Manchester Police can not say for sure that was their motive and are still hunting for another three men in connection with the incident what occurred.

Peter a highly respected man and grandfather and a dad of three, remains a murder suspect after the tragic incident will have to re-appear Swinton Police station on the 25 July

A facebook group has been set up in support of Mr Flanagan, Also an online petition has been set up, RWB Salford urges all supporters and subscribers to sign it by, clicking this to direct you

RWB Correspondent rang Greater Manchester Police to ask why they were going ahead with such persecution of Mr Flanagan, who declined to comment,

It has now been confirmed also that the gang did force entry and got into Mr Flanagan’s house.

RWB Correspondent also tried to speak with Labour MP Hazel Blears who also declined to comment and refused to sign the online petition her staff at the Labour Office Langworthy Road Salford did say “It would be unfair for Hazel to comment as its an ongoing police investigation, but they believe all criminals should be locked up”

RWB Corresponded spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser who as always is willing to talk said “Hazel Blears is a typical cop out saying such stuff like that, Its about time theses politicians got a back bone and spoke what they really feel”

“I support Mr Flanagan he is a decent family man, who was doing the rightful thing and protecting his children and family from such scum, I have signed the online petition and urge all British National Party members to do the same, we have to speak up for people like Peter, we are his real only hope of help.”

“If the police would have done their job properly instead of gabbing hold of the victims in all this, there is no doubt in my mind the other three would be in police custody and Peter would have been free to go around his daily business, Typical case of police being police and not doing their job, I can see this dragging out for months and being a great expense to the tax payer” Gary concluded

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  1. Once again poor old plod is just doing what he is told and arrests the victims of crime rather than the perpetrators. Cultural Marxism has infiltrated our institutions so deeply that now it is seen as correct to feel sorry for the poor old criminal and to demonise the idiotic victim who was foolish enough to allow themselves to be a victim of crime. I hope Mr. Flanagan is insured and I hope his insurance policy has a legal assistance element to it. I don't want to hear of the Flanagans suffering ANY loss at all from this frightening and disturbing turn of events. I wonder if the Police are still looking for the burglars?