Monday, 27 June 2011

Salford BNP Attend GMM St Helens

Salford Organiser Founder Member Gary Tumulty Sat With Salford Block GMM St Helens

By RWB Salford Political Correspondent.

A well attended GMM with party Chairman Nick Griffin MEP, Delegate and representatives from all round the country, London, Scotland even Belfast. There to change some of the British National Party constitution, and move the Party forward together.

Amongst thing brought to the founder members and delegates was to decide that any member who was elected to be the British National Party would be doing that job for a four year fixed term

Another motions what was ground breaking was that the British National Party will be having National Exculises to replace the advisory council.

The most important motion of the day was that all elected British National Party members elected to do official seats such as MEP’s, MP’s and assembly members would have to sign a contract, This such move is back by the RWB, it will ensure any elected member would have to stay within the party remit and if there were to up and leave then that seat would rightfully stay with the British National Party

Party chairman Nick Griffin MEP delightfully signed the contract without hesitation, Andrew Brons MEP how ever did decline to sign the contract and left the venue, RWB tried to contact Andrew Brons MEP also declined to speak or make a comment to RWB Correspondents and sped off in to night.

RWB Correspondent spoke to Nick Griffin MEP who said “It was only the right thing to do signing the contract, as the seat he was elected by Salford and the rest of the Northwest belonged to the Party and not him self, If I was to up and leave, what I have no plans to do, that would be selfish to take the seat. Lots of British National Party activist went a great length to ensure I was elected, they donated there time, there effort and money. It means so much to me and I could never betray the British National Party”

RWB Spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser who says “Its such a pleasure to see democracy the British way, All the motions spoke about to day what I voted in favour for are set to improve the all ready incredible Party, As a founder member for the party it gives me the great honour to make history with the British National Party, We are certainly moving forward not backwards. I’m sure there are many great and exiting times ahead of us”

A minutes silence was also held for Valerie Tyndall who recently sadley passed away, Valerie is wife of the founder and former British National Party Chairman Mr John Tydall

The full constitution change can be viewed on line at the British National Party’s web site

It was also announced that a Leadership Challenge will be taking place, with husting up and down the country.

The contenders are already Chairman Nick Griffin MEP and the challenger Andrew Brons MEP.

RWB Salford announced our loyalty lies with Party Chairman Nick Griffin MEP and we will be openly supporting Nick on this site. We would urge all British National Party members to vote for Mr Griffin at the Leadership Challenge.

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  1. Good, lively meeting in St. Helens last Sunday with great outcomes. Absolutely Brilliant meeting in Salford today too. What amazingly talented, imaginative and resourceful people the British National Party members and supporters are.