Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Salford BNP 'Way Forward' Meeting.‏

Salford BNP Officals Organiser Gary Tumulty and his Deputy Keith Fairhurst

By Keith Fairhurst

Salford branch of the British National Party held a very successful and constructive 'Way Forward' meeting to discuss ways to improve how we prepare for elections, and how we engage with the public.

Issues raised were that we need an election timetable, with a week by week planner to enable candidates and activists to attend local community meetings and properly plan any activities within those communities.

Also discussed was the need to actually get out on the streets and be a highly visible community action group, with cleaning up our streets a priority, and to show the public that we do care about the places we live.

Salford British National Party will be getting more involved with grass roots politics, with local issues at the forefront of our campaigning, and we will also be ensuring that the elderly folk in our communities have someone to turn to should the need arise.

The branch will be more vocal in opposing activities that favour non indigenous groups over our traditional British customs, things such as the recent Labour funded 'Refugee week' ,and will endeavour to promote our own culture to the people of Salford.

The identity and branding of the branch was an issue raised, and all agreed that this needed improvement. All Officials and activists agreed to adhere to a smart dress code, with no dirty work wear whilst out engaging the public. 

The branch will also be looking into starting up local community associations, with emphasis on improving public spaces that have been neglected for years, 

On the whole, some very good ideas and suggestions were made at the meeting, and it is now down to the Officials and activists to implement them to improve the way we conduct ourselves as representatives of the British National Party in Salford.

There really are exciting times ahead for Salford British National Party and together we move on as a bigger stronger and more unite branch


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  2. Your welcome - all information is accurate which is why there is no action in the comments section.

    Keep up the good work chaps!