Monday, 13 June 2011

The 'Dog Poo Fairy' Doesn't Exist In Salford.

Dog Fouling "In Salford"

By Keith Fairhurst.

It's happened to us all, happily walking down the street minding your own business, when you inadvertently step into a nice big pile of fresh, steaming dog crap. It happens to me a lot in Salford, you can't walk more than a hundred yards without finding another dollop of doggie doo-doo on the pavement, waiting to smear your brand new loafers with a foul smelling streak of mutt plop. 

Ok, I'm making light of it by using funny names for dog faeces, but, like in every town and city in Britain, Salford has a problem with irresponsible owners allowing their dogs to foul the streets and walking away without cleaning it up. This is disgusting, and owners who refuse to clean up after their animals should be prosecuted to the letter of the law.

The Dogs (fouling of lands) Act 1996 states that any person who permits a dog in their charge to foul any public area in the city of Salford is committing an offence, which carries a fine of £70, with further financial penalties of £1000 if fixed penalty is not paid. , It's quite right that owners who refuse to clean up the mess their animal left should face a financial penalty, especially since dog faeces is full of germs, some of which can cause blindness in children.

This is where I get a little confused though, Salford council, as do many other councils the length and breadth of Britain, claim to be tackling the problem of dog faeces on our streets, yet little seems to be getting done to change dog owners habits of walking away after their dog has done it's business. Salford council 'claims' it has dog wardens making regular routine patrols in problem areas?? Where? When? The whole bloody city is a problem area, and I have never seen hide nor hair of a dog warden in the whole time I have been a part of Salfords community. Whilst it is ultimately the responsibility of dog owners to clear up after their animals, I must proportion some blame onto Salford council and it's Environmental services department for it's lack of action in cleaning our streets properly. They will never catch every irresponsible dog owner, so must therefore shoulder some responsibility in ensuring our streets are poo free. But then again, I guess the likes of Cllr Ray MaSHITer ( heehee) are too busy counting their ill gotten gains to really care about the community they were elected to represent. 

Perhaps I might just organise a few of my community spirited friends to go around and clean up all the dog muck that Salford council refuse to remove, and dump it on the garden of  Mr Mashiter, After all, it IS his department

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