Thursday, 23 June 2011

Salford BNP Protest Out Side Bolton Crown Court

Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty Out Side Bolton Crown Court

Eight Muslim paedophiles from Rochdale who groomed and sexually abused British Children were up in Bolton Crown Court yesterday, Bolton BNP joined forces with many other branch’s from round the country including Salford and Chairman Nick Griffin MEP to protest and show there disgust of what them Muslim’s had done to our children.

The day was full of support and a warm welcome from the Bolton locals, our children are not halal meat was the message we were putting across, Muslim paedophiles are getting caught out time and time again across the country, The Muslims are using our children as sex objects, using and abusing them as they wish. Many groom the children and get them hooked on Heroin and booze, raped and pass round there friends tossed from pillar to post as halal meat, its simply not on.

RWB Salford spoke to Dot Sayers Bolton BNP Organiser who says “It is appalling the treatment of our children, its against any normal persons morals to treat our girls such as that, The children are our future of our country and we should protect them at what ever cost”

The day saw over 7500 leaflets distributed in the town centre and the local housing estate, the BNP Truth Truck was touring the city, and as always scores of support shown towards it, a protest team out side the court its self where party chairman Nick Griffin MEP was demonstrating his disgust, Adam Walker National Organiser was also on a load hailer informing the public why we were there, we also had two new people sign up as members on hearing what is going on right under our noses in this country.

RWB also spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser who says “Paedophiles are the ultimate scum of this earth and should be hung, but a religion such as Muslim what condones the abuse of our children and women should be banned in his country, it really does conflict with our way in life, I am really upset about what this eight have done, the children who they have abused will have a life time memory of what they have done, basically they will serve a life sentence of thoughts, as for the Muslim’s who will no doubt get a light sentence I can’t see any other alternative but to remove such scum from the country”

Protest Outside Bolton Crown Court

BNP Salford Organiser Leafleting Bolton Town Centre

BNP Leaflet Team Bolton

Few Salford BNP Member With Truth Truck

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