Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Salford Resident 'Geraldine Wants Her Country Back' !‏

Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty With Local Voter Geraldine

By RWB Salford political correspondent.

Geraldine, a Salford resident and voter, has clearly stated her disgust at current events that are leading to the destruction of English culture and traditions and the betrayal of this nation by the 'lunatic Liberal, guilt ridden hand-wringers' when she spoke earlier to Salford organiser Gary Tumulty, when he was distributing the British National Party's new 'We Want Our Country Back' literature in his Irwell Riverside ward today. 

'Salford council do bugger all round here', said Geraldine, 'unless it has something to do with the thousands of immigrants that are creeping in, and I'm sick of it' she continued.
'I'm glad that good, honest people like Mr Tumulty are fighting our corner, unlike the rubbish Labour lot, who you never see until its time to get votes again.'

Geraldine then went on to explain how last year she had some problems with anti social behaviour from her neighbours, and after contacting her Labour representative, found that he couldn't be bothered to acknowledge her complaints, never mind act on them, and so she contacted her British National Party representative, Gary Tumulty, who was only too happy to help her. 

Mr Tumulty added, 'When I heard that Geraldine was having a few problems, and she had no help from that useless lot from the council, I felt it was my duty to help, that's what British National Party members are here to do, to make sure our people are safe and well. . I am glad I helped resolve the problems she was having, and thankfully, there have been no more incidents since.'

RWB Salford would like to thank Gary and his team of fine patriots for their hard work and dedication to the people of Salford, and wish Geraldine the very best of British for the future.

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