Friday, 17 June 2011

Salford Drug Raids

Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty Out Side Former Shop Used As Drug Factory

Thursday 16th June 2011, A derelict business "Just Flowers" Littleton Road, Salford, was busted and a large haugh of 500 Cannabis Plants worth a street value of £150,000 was seized by Greater Manchester Police.

Greater Manchester Police had a numerous report's from the local residence, the Police then executed the drugs warrant and recorded the Cannabis Plants along with equipment to grow the drugs, an arrest was also made at the time and a 16 Year old middle eastern boy was taken into custody.

GMP officers at the time refused to make any comments of why they had swarmed the site of the old business but later a spokesperson Police Sergeant Andy Kane from Salford East Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “To recover such a large amount of cannabis is a great result for the people of Salford and the police. Thanks to the information we received from the community, we have been able to prevent these drugs being sold on the street.

“I would encourage anyone with information about other potential cannabis farms or those involved in the sale and supply of drugs to get in touch with your neighborhood policing team"

RWB correspondent spoke to Gary Tumulty, Salford BNP Organiser who said "On this row of shops, this is the third bust of its kind and every time the Police are finding cannabis factory's, Its shocking to realize whats going on and the officers don't even know its happening, the public had to tip them off, The area is heavily monitored by the latest CCTV and it goes back to my other reports and comments, they don't work or offer a deterrent. A young Chinese lad was arrested i seen him being bundled in to the back of the van, Its a true fact now multiculturalism has failed and doesn't work, Migrants are entering this country breaking our laws and doing exactly what they wish to, robberies, frauds, stabbings, shootings and drug dealing. Its wrong lets hope the CPS do there job correctly and prosecute this lad and then deport him, to were ever he has come from"


  1. Your right Gaz, its getting all too common, drugs are a major problem, and increasingly, the Asian communities are involved up to their necks, the police would do well to spend more time dedicated to this problem, rather than nickin the odd drunk bloke, simply for tryin to forget this nightmare for a couple of hours, its a National disgrace!

  2. It's not really the police's fault. Tahey caught this one didn't they? It must be disheartening to put all the time,resources and effort into catching drug dealers, but I'll bet this chap is 'just a grower' for some unamed 'mr big' who won't be caught just yet, and more than likely the chap they caught will get off pretty lightly. The laws themselves need making sterner and also the damned judges need to be firm on this kind of illegal activity rather than hammer council tax dodgers,tv licence offenders or people who marginally break the speed limits.