Saturday, 25 June 2011

Salford Home Defender Bailed

Police Outside Property On Ethel Avenue

RWB Salford can report home defender Peter Flanagan, who fatally stabbed one of a gang who was attempting to burgle his property on Ethel Avenue, Pendlebury, Salford has been released on bail till 25th July 2011.

Another development in the case, another 30 year old Male from Tameside was arrested in connection with the attempt break in to the Flanagan household. Greater Manchester Police have refused to give the name for the name but did confirm the un-named male was released with out charge. 

RWB Salford will be following this case right to the end, we will also be showing support for Mr Flanagan and his family 

Leave a comment in the box below showing your support and expressing your disappointment for those of Greater Manchester Police, and the Crown Prosecution Service, all comments will be passed to the Flanagan family


  1. Please update your article to change 'murdered' to 'fatally stabbed' or something like that.

  2. Thoughts are with Mr Flanagan and his family as he is made into a 'criminal' by the very authorities who are supposed to protect the public. He acted valiantly for the safety of his family. Pity more men can't act naturally in this day and age.

  3. Thanks for that wimwauters i have changed it for you