Monday, 20 June 2011

Refugee Week In Salford

The Real Voice Of Salford, British National Party

This week has kicked off with a refugee week, with many events free to the public, to see how refugees live in this country offering free food and drink, support for refugees and many speakers in positive light of the new comers.

Despite mass government cut backs, affecting front line services in Salford. Free events have been set up across the city, by Salford City Council. Today’s event at Salford University is “No to homelessness, no to cashlessness.” this was set up by a group called  Salford Forum for Refugees and People Seeking Asylum and Revive. They have a range of key speakers and workshops,  It was an open invite to the public Gary Tumulty Salford Organiser did request to speak at the venue on behalf of the British, to give them a real voice and representation. Gary was refused to speak and also refused access to the building.

Gary Tumulty says “There’s immigration and there’s colonization, Salford front line services are affected with the government cuts, Policing NHS, Councils are feeling the pinch, Refugees are getting far to much from our country, We are on our knees it has to stop, Now rather than later. No to homeless  and cashlessness, great idea but when implemented correct, for the British only. The homeless across Manchester have been told the soup kitchens are going to be took off them, a bread line for some on our streets. Then we see masses or free food and drink being given away at this weeks events, all in aid of the refugees, it is a joke. Interestingly  enough how they have British on the streets, some ex military and yet the refugee’s are all given homes and money. So you see who really is reaping all the benefits in the country” 

“Last week on BBC Panorama “Breaking into Britain“, we witnessed just how easy it was to pick up a real UK Passport just by putting a different name, Africa (Kenya) is where the main focus was, as little as £72 and two days to be delivered, It was said immigration papers were just as easy and  cheap to get, So it makes me wonder how many have these refugee have this sort of passport. Some of the illegal immigrants were from Afghanistan where their main aim was to get to Britain, when asked why their reply shocking human rights, the British government will not have us on the streets, they give us food, drink, benefits and houses”

“Its time for change, enough is enough, the government can not sort this colonization of our country its time for every activist to get out on the streets, up our game and take control of our country, we are the last hope. If we don’t nobody else will” Gary Concludes

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