Monday, 20 June 2011

Salford Want's EU Referendum NOW

Salford BNP Activist Out Side Townhall.

By RWB Political Correspondent.

Following the welcome news that the British National Party is to run a nationwide campaign to force the con-dem Government into giving the country a referendum on whether or not we should be members of the EU, Salford branch have been out on the streets asking local people their views on the subject.

Officials and key activists were keen to get out and about to canvass locals opinions on whether they agree/disagree with membership of the European Union, and were pleased to find that the majority said that we should leave it immediately.

When told that the party is to be running a campaign, the majority of the people that were spoken too were extremely keen to add their weight behind the petition, promising to seek out the BNP table to sign it.

Salford organiser Gary Tumulty said, 'I'm delighted that we are giving the people of Salford a voice on this issue, as we were conned into joining the common market years ago, and it's about time we tackled this head on. The EU is costing us millions a day, and has no real benefit to Britain'.

Deputy organiser Keith Fairhurst added, It was very pleasing to find that most people agree with us, and I know we will have a terrific response, I can't wait to get started. The EU is stealing our sovereignty, taking away our rights to determine our own laws, and gradually eroding our culture and heritage for it's own scurrilious ends. It's time to put an end to our membership of the EUssr.

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