Friday, 27 January 2012

Salford YES Vote at Mayor Referendum

The Salford Council Staff Count

Ground breaking history was achieved last night, as the Salfordian’s turn their backs on the Labour Party, and vote a massive YES at the major referendum.

Local Labour leaders, councillors and their very own tax evader Hazel Blears MP were strongly urging a NO vote, and blamed the British National Party for the referendum itself being called, using this as their main objective to the voters.

Indeed the British National Party did add its almighty weight behind the YES campaign, with activist’s and candidate’s canvassing the doors of the voters, which swayed the election to our direction. 

The Results are as follows

YES Vote; 17,344

NO Vote; 13,653

Rejected Vote; 94

Salford British National Party

Gary Tumulty Salford Organiser says “What an amazing night, it was very special to see the smug labour smile’s wiped from their silly faces, I think even the returning officers and chief executives were shocked over the result’s, it took them long enough to count and verify things. 

“The Labour Party have had their own way for to long here in Salford, We have called for the resignation of the Labour Leader John Merry many times, he didn’t listen to our early warning and continued to go about their undemocratic business in the council, The Salfordians have now spoken and given the true verdict, They want democracy and a elected mayor.

“It was noted Hazel Blears the so called MP for Salford did not even bother turn up. I wonder why? Because labour got smashed on the night! The Lib dems are also in extreme turmoil over the results as they backed the no camp, their leader Norman ’stormin’ Owen who by the way, was reported to have been using foul and threatening language all night towards the many yes campaigners including British National Party activists and officials, was very close to tears when leaving the building with his close Labour friends.  

Very Unhappy Labour Leader John Merry, Lib Dem Stormin Norman Behind

“Now the work continues for Salford British National Party activists, a Mayor candidate will be selected to now stand in the May 2012 elections

“I would like to finish by saying. Thank you to those who turned out to vote YES” Gary Concluded

To donate or get involved with the Salford 2012 Mayor Election contact Gary Tumulty on 07909674006 or email 


  1. John Merry will see it as a threat to his Gestapo leadership

  2. Well done to all you hard working Salfordian Patriots .