Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Salford BNP First Political Meeting Of The Year.


Salford British National Party, Kick starts the first of its monthly meetings off with Stockport’s stalwart speaker Duncan Warner as their guest for the evening 

Duncan gave a eye opening speech using first hand experience of the amount of  money that is spent on Asylum Seekers and Illegal Immigrants, Duncan spoke of councils up and down the country who go all out to help, bogus asylum seekers at the eye watering expenses picked up by us the Tax Payer.

Stockport's BNP Duncan Warner

“The latest fuel top up free hand outs, exposed here in Salford, is just the tip of the iceberg, the tunes of billions is being handed out in an assortment of benefits, fully furnished houses, free clothing, utility bills paid, free health care, free education, policing of the crime’s they commit and the back hander some are taking, working cash in hand at takeaways” Duncan tells Salford 

The second half of the meeting was handed over to Organiser Gary Tumulty who gives an insight of Salford Council do business, “Our recent exposure on the great fuel hand out has upset the overpaid chief executives, who have wrote to him, asking him to remove the videos surrounding the issue, The answer is no! But I am a fair man, remove funding to asylum seekers and then we can discuss remove the videos, but until they remain in place” Gary tells the members

Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty

Another hitting issue was the Mayor Referendum set for Thursday 26th January “We urge all members and supporters to vote YES, if the Yes vote goes though, we will put a British National Party Mayor Candidate up in May Elections, Our main focus will be housing, waiting lists and asylum seekers will not be a problem any more, the mayor can change the way we allocate houses out, and our mayor candidate will make sure the Salfordians and the British are given express service before any invader” Gary concludes to a massive round of applause 

Gary Tumulty Duncan Warner British National Party

Around 2000 new ‘heat of eat’ leaflets were handed to the candidate’s and members in the room, we have to spread the word now, normal people will be receiving their utility bills in next few weeks, demanding payment, so its important to let people know who is receiving the free hand out, whilst we have to pay our way in life 

Leaflets For Every Member

Salford British National Party next monthly meeting is on the Tuesday 21st February if you are interested in coming along or speak at one the most successful premiership branch’s contact Gary on 07909674006 or email for venue details 

Ex Organiser Alan Takes His Hat Off To The Youth Gary Tumulty