Thursday, 26 January 2012

Salford Council Splashing The Cash Again

Salford BNP Organiser Out Side The Civic Centre Swinton 

Salford Council, one of the regions biggest spenders waste £141 Million in the first 6 months of the financial year, this come as the bite of the cuts begin to take place.

Virgin Media received £242,000 for broadband services, between April and September. £5000 was paid to ‘Forensic’ computer experts Zentec in June, the firm was employed to help council trading standards officers scrutinise computers as part of a counterfeit goods raid. £12,000 was paid to Noisy Drink Company for providing soft drinks re-sale in schools across the city. 

£980 to Cool Canvas who provided a promotion of out door learning centres, and a bonus of £1500 was spent on Tesco gift cards, that were given to ‘residents’ to spend on health food to cook on behalf of the council run nutrition scheme. 

A whopping £186,595.47 was spent with the Lowry, and some of that went on the education art and community program and the rest was spent on preservation and display of Lowry artwork which is free to all visitors .

Gary Tumulty, Salford Organiser, British National Party, tells our correspondents “You have to hand it to Labour controlled Salford Council they are persistent with their overspending and wasting your tax, They just don’t give in”

“At this such financial crippling cut back year, Salford Council decide to press on with business as usual, spend spend spend like it’s going out of fashion, and let us pick up the bill.

“Labour are to blame, I just hope people realise this come May in the elections, It is my pledge that if I get elected this year, I will hold each and every council executive accountable for their actions, The British deserve better and we offer that as a party”

Salford British National Party exposed the great asylum seekers fuel top up hand outs, the £35,000 to ethnic minority women to speak English and now this on top, so its just fantastic to know where your tax money is going, a thought for you all reading this, The Council work for US not the other way round!

Restore some order back in your council sign up to the postal votes by emailing and members stand as candidates, because this can not continue to happen, we are the only hope, if we don’t stop it nobody will 

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