Thursday, 5 January 2012

An Organiser’s Story, A Year With Salford BNP

Gary Tumulty Organiser, Nick Griffin MEP Chairman British National Party 

By Gary Tumulty, Organiser

Juggling time between family, work and a social life is not very easy as a organiser of the British National Party, A lot of hard work and commitment has to be made to run a very successful branch and as a number one rule, it has to be done for the future of our existence in our own country. 

There has been the bad times, lies from party descendants, attacks from the left wing Marxist media and personal attacks by the labour party thugs on me as a British National Party organiser, they are the times I like to forget. Then we have the good times, a stronger than ever British National Party, A democratically elected chairman Nick Griffin MEP and support on a all times high, in my city it’s a seven to one thumbs up in support.

Salford as a branch as come on strength by strength and the support for nationalism is greater than ever before. The branch meetings are always busy, and the membership and enquiry’s are on the increase once again, we have held 50% more table tops in all local precincts, England is for life, Bring the boys home and the EU Referendum petitions have all hit home with all the local Salfordian’s with scores of public want to sign up to our hard hitting controversial issues.

Local By Elections, our most recent one in Eccles saw candidate Kay Pollitt push the Lib Dems under our name once again, and it’s a continuing trend. Dubbed the third main party in Salford, we are now getting involved with more pressing local issues what effects the voter the most. 

At the height of its game Salford British National Party, using the Freedom Of Information act has exposed the NHS on interpreters and the real threat of HIV/AIDS in the Northwest, HMP Forrest bank and its exclusive luxury 5 star food menu’s for prisoners and most recently the great asylum give away, fuel top ups for all.

Its also been a great pleasure to work with Northwest MEP and Party chairman Nick Griffin to serve his constituency of Salford. Mr Griffin MEP has more effort in, more than some of the Labour Councillors and MP’s, Nick was first to lend a hand at the horrific Irlam blast, and first to visit the Riot carnage what hit the city and tore the heart of the community last year. Nick has also attended tabletops / by elections and canvassing sessions to get hands on with activists and get to know his voters, all of which has been given the media blackout.

I can not go on with out saying a massive thank you to one of our ammoniums business men, who supports the party and its British Jobs for British Workers attitude, making large donations all year round to the Salford Branch, this will be eternally grateful for, you have gone above your call of duty.

A thank you to all Salford activists, candidates and other branch’s from around the country who have helped us over the past year, because with out you it is not possible

This is an all year round fight, you can not expect to come along at election time and start winning, it about street presence and visibility, Get involved with local issues, get your name and face known, find out interesting facts by using the freedom of information, invest in marked electro registers, get to know who is voting. The hard work you do will pay off at election time, the more you put in the more you get back is my view

A lesson is to be learnt here, never lose hope or faith, nationalism Is on the rise in our country but with out you on board we can not take back what is rightfully ours. Its never to late, 

The Salford branch is now making head way and getting noticed, all though we are not the ruling body, we do hold all the power as the only opposition party in the city, and without our party and presence the labour run council would unchallenged.

If you wish to get back involved or need advice if any issues I have spoke about, feel free to contact me on 07909674006 or email 

As we press on to the year 2012 we are aiming for the ultimate goal, to break the mould at the town hall, and elect a British National Party Councillor in to the chambers of Salford Council

A different angle is required, and new electioneering methods have been reformed and put in place, The block postal vote need to be targeted, lets sign our supporters up to it, this will obviously not happen over night but don’t under estimate the fight of the British National Party, 2012 will be our most interesting year nationwide. 


  1. Iam not a member of the BNP now, but I think you've got courage and I wish you well.

  2. come back you are all welcome its never to late