Sunday, 15 January 2012

Manchester – The Only Way Is Up!

Bolton Organiser Dot Sayers 

Sunday 15th January saw a fantastic turnout to the first meeting in 2012 of the British National Party’s Manchester Branch. Although it is very early in the New Year it was wonderfully encouraging to have so many committed Nationalists from all over the Greater Manchester area gathered in this central location to be treated to a brilliantly inspirational speech given by the Bolton Organiser Dot Sayers.

The meeting was hosted and chaired by Party stalwart Eddy O’Sullivan who presided over a delightfully lively and good humoured event. Representatives were present from Manchester, Bury, Rochdale, Stockport, Tameside, Salford, North Cheshire and Trafford.

The first part of the meeting was taken up with local issues. Eddy O’Sullivan gave a review of the projects that had been pursued over the last twelve months and a summary of the progress that has been made with those campaigns.

Full House At Manchester BNP

Then it was all about building for the future.

Eddy asked who would be willing to put themselves forward for activism in 2012 and the response can only be described as phenomenal. Everyone that was in attendance at the packed meeting put themselves forward in some way. Whether that be stuffing envelopes or carrying out full blown election campaigns, local or National, everybody present had something to offer. There was a particular focus on the local council elections in May, The Mayoral Referendum in Salford, the Mayoral Elections in the City of Manchester and the position of an elected Police Commissioner for Greater Manchester which will take place in November.

After a short break a raffle was held with one lucky Boltonian picking up a bottle of Scotland’s best known export and a collection was taken which produced a three figure sum for the cause.

Dot Sayers then gave a truly inspirational speech.

The areas she covered ranged from ‘why the British National Party is the ONLY Party that can deliver true democracy in Britain’. She also talked about the destruction of British Identity by mass immigration and faith systems that are alien to the indigenous people of these islands. She talked about how our traditional freedoms are being eroded by The EU and the people who claim to be our own government. The disgusting, biased practices of the current judicial system were also put up for discussion with numerous examples of how the justice system fails the victims of crime and favours the perpetrators of crime with unlimited support and a completely Marxist pandering to the ‘umanrites’ of the convicted felon. The speech was punctuated by spontaneous rounds of loud applause and a standing ovation at the end.

Eddy O'Sullivan Deputy Manchester Organiser

A very useful and constructive Q&A session followed and the atmosphere in the place was one of an electric hope and unbridled expectation. Make no mistake people of Greater Manchester. The British National Party is here for you… it always is…and it always will be.

Room At The Inn? Manchester BNP

We are going to need extra chairs in this place in February.

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