Sunday, 5 February 2012

Security Breached At Salford Referendum Count

Making Her Mark Barbara Spicer Salford Council 

It has been witnessed Salford Council, and the Labour Party seem to think they are up and above the rules of the electoral commission.

Under Regulation 18 of the Local Authorities Referendum Regulations, the Counting Officer, Barbara Spicer, must appoint a number of Count Observers, who will be able to observe the count, and opening of postal votes. 

Access To The Count 

A list of name’s was produced of the people who follow the rules who rightfully and applied for tickets for the count, who also had to give full disclosure of their home address’s, and if they was Yes / No vote backers.

On the night of the count a few waves and strays, decided they were above the rules, and gate crashed the event. Mitie Security who have a twenty five year contract and charge the council hundreds and thousands of pounds for security for the council, manning the door on the night, allowed non ticket holders to obtain access to the building. 

Labour Councillors, Mold, Coen, Ord, Antrobus and Lib Dem group leader Norman ‘Stormin’ Owen. All No Campaigners all got access with no tickets. 

Labour Cllr Antrobus (Right) Having Ago

It was also witnessed that the people with no tickets got in, and started to row, cause trouble and generally be a nuisance to any Party backing the YES vote. 

Obnoxious Cllr Owen Lib Dem, Back Ground 

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party Organiser says “I had to apply for tickets, (which were I can assure you checked on the door of the count), in good time along with all our activists, I feel a case of Political Bias has been witnessed today. 

“In the Past, I have had activist refused access due to no tickets, its out of order Labour Councillors are not above the rules.

“Barbara Spicer should now resign from her 200K Job, for bringing the council in to  disrepute  by showing her true political feelings. Also the contract with the cow boy outfit firm Mitie Security should be cancelled, for allowing such a serious event to be stormed by opposition party’s.

“Just think what would happen if the British National Party rocked up at counts, with no tickets and attempted to gain access, we would get arrested” Gary Concluded. 

A report has been sent to the Electoral Commission who have confirmed they will be looking in to matters as Salford Council have gone against the guide lines set out by them.

Vin Joesph, head of democratic services Salford Council said “I can confirm the Official Count Observers were in accordance with the published list and no body else should have been in there”.

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