Thursday, 12 January 2012

Help To Ethnic Women In Salford

Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty Out Side Hazels Office 

Labour run Salford City Council will be forking out £35,000 of tax payers money to help Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Yemeni women to improve their English as well as free healthcare and a good education

This new project has come directly from the European union who have also granted £140,000 towards the ethnic minority women,  It has been reported that a number of ethnic women have been signed up to join the English as a foreign language classes at Salford Colleges

Salford British National Party Organiser Gary Tumulty stated “Labour run Salford City Council are a joke, they have cut front line services left, right and centre, but then they have money to splash on non British citizens, its beggars belief, and lets not forget the cash they spend on translation services, speaking to foreigners and changing council literature,

“I will be looking in to this issue further, and requesting a meeting with the over paid chief executives just to find out why, they think its acceptable to cut the services and then in the other hand, land the cash in non British.

“In my belief it is also discrimination towards the men as it’s a ONLY women allowed, I thought the council was all for diversity and equality, its hypocritical.

“What about the British, when will Salford Council start to look after us? After all its us the tax payer who pays their wages” Gary concludes.

A question is asked, is this the same kind of people who are getting, expressed fully furnished houses, clothing grants, free travel, every benefit going, TV licence, Driving lessons and the great fuel top ups give a way.

Soft touch Britain here we come!!!!


  1. So much for equality; divide and conquer...

  2. Britain is sinking FAST! Mass Immigration is the key word for the destruction of Britain.
    Britain's had it! I'm affraid.

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  4. Not only discriminatory to men, it also discriminates against non Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Yemini women !

  5. just throwing this out there; here is a new & free service for the people of Salford commissioned by Salford City council.

    Being Well Salford is a new service that helps people make changes to their health and wellbeing. You work with your Being Well coach to help you to steadily take more control and create solutions for your daily life. If you want to change two or more of the following:

    *Low mood
    *Getting more active
    *Smoking (reducing or stopping)
    *Reducing your alcohol intake