Monday, 23 January 2012

Salford BNP In Action

Some Members / Candidates Salford British National Party

Despite the cold and rain, Salford British National Party continue in their mission to deliver the word of hope, Activist’s and candidate’s took to the local precinct to deliver party literature, EU referendum leaflets and the controversial ‘eat or heat’ being the main focus, 

The best form of activism is about presence and Salford British National Party command that as always, The local labour party and its leader were also out pushing out their message of hate, and anti British ways, our activists are not fazed by this and continue to hold our strong hold, the public love us to the disappointment of the local labour party councillors and leader. 

One member of the publics reaction to the ‘eat or heat’ leaflet was absolute disgust, shouting her elderly mother over, saying I told you this was true, Asylum seekers do get fuel top ups free at the tax payers expense, and thanked the British National Party for exposing Salford Council .

Another focus is the Mayor referendum which is about to hit Salford on the Thursday 26th January 2012, The British National Party are campaigning for a yes vote, we want to remove power from the Labour controlled council, and replace it with a British National Party Mayor, 

Gary Tumulty Salford Organiser says “The yes vote is possible, we need all supporters / members in Salford to vote yes, If the yes vote goes though we will stand a mayor candidate, and our main focus will be housing, job, and the NHS, British come 1st Asylum seekers and immigrants don’t get a look in, it’s a simple message, we come first”

The Salford Mayor Referendum is on Thursday 26th January 2012

Any Salfordians reading this article struggling to get to the polling stations ring 07909674006 and we can help you, information on polling station locations can also be obtained by ringing, or email, 

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