Monday, 30 July 2012

Salford BNP Say Farewell To Spanish Friend And Comrade

Salford British National Party 

The Salford British National Party branch monthly meeting was also a farewell and safe journey home to Manuel Quesada, Platform for freedoms Spanish comrade who had come to this country to study.

The meeting chaired by Eddy O’Sullivan, opened by handing the platform to Manuel, who outlined the reasons and parts of his stay within the UK, Manuel told the room he was on a mission, the first was to learn to speak English, and the second was to establish close relations with the British National Party, his mission is now complete and it is now time to return home to his country, Manuel added he hopes it is more of a see you soon, rather then a goodbye, and we will always be welcome open arms at his home.

Gary Manuel & Eddy 

The second speaker of the evening was Leila Bentham, St Helens Organiser who spoke to the member’s about race, culture, generics and the genes that make up a population to best suite the country of where they originate from. 

After the break the meeting was handed over to the branch organiser Gary Tumulty, who explained to the Salford membership of his recent promotion to North West Sub Regional Organiser within the party. A massive round of applause was given to Gary as he thanked his members in Salford, telling them without their help and support, it is not possible for him to succeed, Gary tells Salford, he will never forget his routes and Salford will remain his sole priority.

Most recently Gary has uncovered that Greater Manchester has been the worst effected town by immigration, Gary has obtained a National Insurance Registration’s for Overseas Nationals, lots of facts and figures was on this report. This year immigration scale based on the NI Registrations was over 200 thousand, up over the past two years, so the Conservative plea to cut immigration is simply not true, a more in depth report is to follow (So we will not spoil the fun).


Branch stalwart Eddy O’Sullivan concluded the meeting, by giving an overview of the Alliance Of European Nationalist Movement, of which now the British National Party is now a part of and party chairman Nick Griffin Northwest MEP is the Vice President of.

Gary Tumulty Northwest Sub Regional Organiser tells site “This was very productive meeting, a lot of new information came to the forefront of the meeting, it’s nice to see all members offering something to the meeting.

“Its noted I had one new lad there who made an enquiry and a hour later he is in our meeting in Salford, and pledging to sign up as soon as he gets paid, also new lads have come in and offered services to the Heywood area.

“As I explained to Salford members I thank every single person who has helped me in the past, and continue to do so on a daily basis, my promotion is a reflection of their hard work, every time they read my name on this site, and hear Salford, it’s the members we are talking about not me as a person, we are a team we work together for the ultimate goal, remove the traitorous Labour Party form the councils.

Salford Fund Collections

“I end on the note, of wishing Manuel all the best in Spain, and our paths will cross again, Have a safe journey home brother, and the offer of your home will be taken in the near future” Gary concluded.

To get involved with Salford / Manchester or the Northwest contact Gary on 07909674006 or email

The Salford Branch would also like to thank all the subscribers to this site who have been sending donation to our post box to fight elections.

Send donations / contact British National Party, also council staff / cross party members who are not happy can now send us anonymous complains / information for us to follow up, write to PO Box 16, Salford M6 7PT.

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  1. Another great meeting see you at the Manchester meeting. Andy and Brenda, Stockport.