Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Scandal!! Council Tax The Poor!!

Council Tax Preview April 2013

News just in. As many councils across the country change the rules on council tax benefits, this means people like the disabled, Oap's, one parent families and the unemployed will soon have to pay from their benefits, in a new council support scheme.

Amongst councils, Labour run Salford say "the Government is giving us less money (about 10%) than what we get to fund this new support scheme.The council expects to receive around 2.6million less funding. As we are getting less funding it means that people who receive council tax benefits need to pay a larger part of their actual council tax bills".

Salford council. One of the biggest spenders, who like to waste silly amounts of tax payers money on ventures such as, Asylum Seeker Week, Gypsy Month, Black History Month, Salford Food Festival (set to start this week), paying executives such as Barbara Spicer daft wages which amount to well over £200k, 3 Councillors per ward (68 claimers in total) at a cost of £602,741 (basic) and £307,259 (special allowances) totaling £910,000, newly elected Labour' unite puppet on a string, Ian Stewart £69,000 a year and not fogetting the refitting of many council buildings, some of which didn't even need it, this includes the soon to be exposed new Asylum Seeker Team hideout who got a whopping £500,000 to uproot and move house after the British National Party exposed their antics regarding fuel handouts.

Salford Labour Party's option is to target the most vulnerable, and the mayor sits there and shrugs his shoulders, from April 2013 Labour will expect the disabled, Oap's single parents and the unemployed to foot the bill of the £2.6million shortfall. 

Salford spokesman, Gary Tumulty, acting Northwest Regional Organiser, says "it's appalling, i have been to see my local Councillor (after Hazel Blears hid from me in her office), to ask why are they targeting people who live in poverty, and all he did was blame the Tory's.

"Hang on was it not the Labour Party who created this mess we are in? They destroyed the British economy   and lead us into a recession, the Tory's are trying to clear up the mess they left behind.

"Labour might not run Government but they still run the council and they still spend silly, it's time to stop.

"So in regards to Benefits. Yes there are people out there who like to swing the lead, and yes they should pay, but there are genuine people who need help, we must be obliged to look after them, after all i don't expect this Benefit will affect Asylum Seeker at all". Gary concluded

Salford Council have agreed to go to consultation with the public over the council tax issue, I would advise all Salfordians to keep their eyes open for the dates, what have not been made public yet, and attend the meeting. Alternatively lazy over paid  Labour Mayor Ian Stewart can be contacted on 07775 870 303 or email citymayor@salford.gov.uk

If you want to attend the meeting and join the British National Party to defend the vulnerable email Gary Tumulty on salford@bnp.org.uk and we can let you know when the meeting is.

Letters of support or comments you would like us to make to the council on your behalf can be sent to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT


  1. Well done Gary, keep up the good work

  2. Thanks for exposing this .