Monday, 27 August 2012

Disco Subway’s In Salford

Gary Tumulty Salford BNP, Irwell Riverside Candidate 

Labour controlled Salford Council, who are millions of pounds of debt and claim to have no money, have just spent £209,870 to revamp and refit three subways crossing the East Lancashire Carriageway behind Pendleton Police Station, to have a more glamorous look to them.

Work includes new lighting with new blue LED wash lights, a new sound system to allow local radio streamed there 24 hours a day, new tiles and a full paint job to ceilings and internal wings.

Questions were asked about the sound system alone that cost 13.5 thousand pound, about the public performance licence, who Salford Council say they do not need one as all music played is copyright expired.

Lights & Speakers

Local spokesperson Acting Northwest Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty tells reporters “Salford British National Party, who is committed to stop wasting tax payer’s money on silly things, we will continue to expose the Labour Party, and the puppets who work for them in the council.

“I like many other Salfordians are sick of council tax rates going up and being told front line service’s and repairs are being cut, its not good enough the council are in debt due to the Labour Party, they cannot keep using cop out excuses it’s the Torys, It’s the Labour Party who created the mess we are in today.

“Get with the program stop wasting our money” Gary Concluded.

To contact Salford British National Party email or write to Gary Tumulty PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT

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