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Reporting From Salford BNP August Meeting

Some Of Salford BNP

Salford British National Party hold their monthly meeting as clock work, with the party stalwart Ian Kitchen as guest of honour, who gave a speech on a wide range of topics, happening in todays country.

Ian first spoke of the left wing communist style government in the UK, who are forever making stupid acts and laws to extract cash from the people who may not even know they are doing something wrong, and if you don’t have a big pot of cash to fight the authority’s in court.
Ian also spoke about how the media manipulate the news story’s, and only report on what they wish, Ian went on to tell Salford about a letter he had received that morning from Wakefield Council, informing people if they are in receipt of Council Tax benefits then after April 2013 they will be expected to pay something, so the council’s across the country are wasting your moneyand then targeting people who are less fortunate, the unemployed, disabled, single parent family’s and OAP’s to foot the shortfall.

Ian Kitchen Salford BNP

The second half of the meeting was handed over to Acting Northwest Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty, who continued after Ian’s in death analysis on the council tax scandal about to sweep the country, Gary along with all other Salford residents who have also received the same type of letter, which Salford Council say the government has decided to cut the budget by 2.2 million pound, so the money has got to be recovered from somewhere, and this will be the people who are most worst off in life, The unemployed or people claiming benefits to help them get by in life.

Gary states “Don’t get me wrong there are some lazy people in life that do not want to work and expect everything for free, and these I am all for making pay, but when you target  genuine people who cant make ends meet, and have to claim benefits to help them, will now be expected to pay.
“Labour controlled Salford Council chief executive Barbara Spicer who is paid well over 200K a year, and Newly elected Labour mayor Ian Steward again paid 69K, and all the other dead leg councilors in Salford, who claimed well over 307K in special allowances (On top of there normal wage), do you think this lot are feeling the pinch, No!

“Its also shocking how Salford Council allow Asylum Seekers to enter our city and they are in their words ‘obliged’ to look after them, and they are well looked after and not expected to pay one single penny towards the up keep of our country its wrong and has to stop” Gary Concluded, a full report will follow in due course for this website.

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  1. salford bnp member13 September 2012 at 16:07

    I like Ian, got loads of time for that fellow, top meeting as always keep up good work Gary