Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Blog They Love To Hate, Welcome To RWB Salford

GMP Calling Card

Top prizes goes to the Red White and Blue Salford this year for being the most effective blog that exposed the local labour party and there snide mayor Ian Stewart

It has been drawn to the admin team here at RWB  Salford that Ian Stewart has reported our news team for telling the truth as it should be told across the city, Greater Manchester Police now formally known as the Labour foot soldiers have requested interviews from Salford British National Party members and officials, We must approach this subject again, The site in NOT a BNP site, and is not run by BNP members, This is a nationalist news web site that supports the BNP and opposes the Labour Party.

The original report that has upset the Labour Mayor reported back on April 2012 (Click to view) and is pure 100% Truth outlines what a dirty crooked cheat the man really is, from the expenses scandal to voting for illegal wars in Iraq that lead to the deaths of hundreds and thousand’s innocent Muslims and most of all, our boys and girls who was killed in the line of duty for this corrupt government.

Most shockingly it was exposed what Ian Stewart had been up to in his earlier years, having an affair with a younger girl who fell pregnant, and bully boy Stewart decided to beat up in a pub car park in Boothstown after she refused point blank to have an abortion.

Yes this is true Mr Mayor and you know it is, and the RWB team suggest any more harassment from Greater Manchester Police, and we will name this women who has gave her permission, and has already agreed to go on camera with the RWB to expose what a monster you really are.

There is an option you can resign from your post if the heat is getting to much for you, I mean come on lets see what you have been doing since you have been in place

1, Give jobs to you pals costing the Salford tax payer even more waste
2, Stabbed your own members in the back to get what you want for your personal gains
3, Threatened front line council staff with the sack
4, Took a fat salary of £69,000
5, Appointed your mate as a so called spin doctor.

The points are there it’s all about you, when will you give some thing back to the Salfordian’s who you say in your best Scottish accent you represent?


  1. disgusting he should be finished as mayor ..

  2. The labor Party is the home of the most crass smugly conceited unintelligent hypocrites that have been Britain's misfortune to have left their mothers womb drawing breath. They are living proof that the devil exists and takes care of his own, as with any fair luck they would have been the ones the communist slogan mumbling drug addled women who were their mothers, would have chosen to abort. They are too thick to see all the twisted liars they call the Labour party leadership snuggled up to the Banking elite in that abortion called the EU. It takes a really twisted individual to ignore all the evidence and still pin the red rosette of the Labour Party to his or her lapel.