Thursday, 16 August 2012

Salford Local

Thank You For Support

The old British National 'Patriot Newsletter' has now been re-branded, the new 'Salford Local' is now set to hit the streets of the city, we start with our first edition to thank the voters for their support, and for those that don't vote we cannot stress just how important it is to get out and place your mark next to box containing British National Party. 

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As the leaflet out lines 65% of people eligible to vote, but do not bother, and if you do not vote the small group who do, will elected useless Labour Party every time. So its up to you to change things for the better, We all have busy lives and getting down to the polling station on election day just isn't possible for many of us. But it doesn't have to be this way, Simply register for a postal vote. The leaflet is double sided and contains a postal vote registration form on the overleaf, Return it to Salford BNP and we'll do the rest 

Salford's Gary Tumulty Northwest Sub Regional Organiser says "This is a great leaflet i have done my first initial run of 20,000 and this will not take long to start distributing across Salford, I look forward to all the postal vote applications that will be returned directly to the branch, it certanly goes towards a counter act of labour's postal block vote"

To register for a postal vote please email   

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