Thursday, 19 July 2012

Gary Tumulty; North West Sub-Regional Organiser

Gary Tumulty, British National Party 

Gary Tumulty, the Salford Organiser, has been promoted to North West Sub-Regional Organiser.
Gary has done a great job in Salford and Greater Manchester as a whole, and in supporting our efforts to make the North West a vibrant area again.
Through some difficult times, when others have focused on negatives, Gary has battled on and created lots of new ways of gathering and spreading the truth of what is really happening in broken Britain.
He has also given a great deal of support to other organisers in the North West, and this is exactly what we all need; someone to confide in and discuss ideas with, before starting a new project.
I look forward to working with Gary and discussing new ways to move things along and get every North West area thriving again.
Well done Gary.
Mike Whitby, North West Regional Organiser

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