Friday, 13 July 2012

Salford Public Outraged On New Labour Mayors Pay.

Planning Wars Back In The Day Ian Stewart In The Brown

Salford Labour party newly elected Mayor Ian Stewart, is at the forefront of public outrage at his £69,000 a year pay deal he is set to take from the public purse making Stewart the highest paid mayor on the out side of London.

Labour’s Stewart who was once an Eccles MP who voted for Illegal wars in Iraq, Stopping Inquires in to Iraq Smoking Bans and enforcing National ID cards has a track record in scamming the public for their hard earned cash once caught up in the recent expenses scandal, where it was believed whilst on a similar pay of over £60,000 Stewart was claiming more than double his income whilst charging the tax payer up to £18,000 for staying away from home and a whopping £100 on food to last a week.

No stranger to ripping public off, Labours Stewart shows no remorse, Ex Leader of the Council John Merry who was blatantly stabbed in the back by his own members and named as ‘monkey in a suit’ by Ian Stewart after putting his name up for the mayoral candidate after the public voted Yes at the referendum claimed £38,265 to run the council before the mayors position was made.

Comments from Shoppers from the Salford Shopping Centres say

Grand Mother of three Joyce Kerridge, 71, from Higher Broughton, said: “I think it’s disgusting. I think it’s far too much money. “Let's face it. We're getting a new mayor, but what was wrong with the old system. I think this money could be put back into Salford. It should be spent on other things”.

James Parker, 69, a retired docker, from Eccles, said: “I think it’s terrible. We don't need an elected mayor. I'm on £103 a week pension. “He's on a lot of money. What does he do for it? What will he do for the city? I think they should give it to people who need it. Why should he get it? He's just a worker like me.

Security worker Paul Midgley, 38, from Pendleton, said: “It's disgusting. What will he do for the people of Salford? Nothing. “These people give nothing back to the city. They would be better spending this money on youth clubs for the kids. It's always the fat cats who get all the money”.

Mum of two Sarah Potts, 43, from Seedley, said: “This money should go back to the community. Schools are struggling to stay open and hospital wards are being closed. This money could be better used”.

Her husband Ken Potts, 50, a driver, said: “It's totally wrong. It could be spent on other things. You could get two classroom assistants for that money. They're not daft though. They hear about what's needed often enough”.

Labour snidey Stewart first job as mayor was to appoint 13 deputy mayor all labour councilors in to a job for the boys once in a life time golden opportunity, all the deputy mayors will be entitled to extra allowances for conducting duties for the mayor, It’s not yet know how much their extra money will be, but it is expected to fetch home between the region's of £3000 up to £6000.

Salford Labours bid to save the city £24 million pound seems a mere pipe dream away, Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party organiser says “The only people benefiting from this election is the labour party by coining on tax payer,  why cant he do the job for national minimum wage.

“It amazes me that 75% of people didn’t vote and look what happened Labour get the scoop and win the jackpot, we must focus on exposing labour, and informing the public just exactly what they get up.

“I will be writing to the mayor and expressing concerns on how the public feel about his pay package, I will urge the Labour Mayor to take a pay cut and fit in line with saving Salford tax payers money, We are at a financial time of crisis and we simply cant afford to keep paying stupid wages out all the time, its not cost effective” Gary concluded.

If you reading this and feel the same, then its time to make a stand. Contact Salford British National Party on or ring 07909674006 and we will arrange a free information pack and for a local delegate from the branch top visit you to discuss what avenue we can take to re-building Stolen Salford which on a bigger scale is a part of broken Britain.

Letters of support, or complaints regarding the council, council staff wanting to blow the whistle or even different political party members who are not very happy and want to tell us something useful can write anonymously to Salford BNP, PO Box 16 Salford M6 7PT. 

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