Sunday, 1 July 2012

Salford Meeting Told "Tony Blear Route Of All Evil"

Salford BNP

The June British National Party went ahead as scheduled in Salford, chaired by stalwart Eddy O'Sullivan and attended by a respectable number of the most loyal and core members, heard Wigan Organiser Dennis Shambley explain how Tony Blear and the Labour Party have single handedly destroyed this country.

Dennis Shambley

From Jobs, Education, Culture, Mass Immigration and handing all power over to Europe, Tony Blear has been the mastermind that has made the country the mess it is today. Dennis explains Tony Blear is a power crazed maniac who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, total control of the European Union.

Dennis who has worked all his life tells the Salford members, "I have paid my tax's all my working life, i paid in, and what do the government give me back in return, A bus pass. 

Eddy O'Sullivan

"Take for instance some body who has crossed many country's to be here in the UK, gets a fully furnished house, with utility bill's paid for, the best education, the best health care and down right looked after, living the life of Riley on the back of the British Tax payer, Looked after and not having to worry about nothing, its wrong, these people have never paid anything in not one single penny, but they reap all the benefits.

"Now it mite seen like i am a bit jealous, well i'm not, I worked hard all my life and now i am retired the only thing i get is a bus pass, there's just no justice in it, it inhumane the government must have a duty to look after its own people, We only ask for the same deal" Dennis concluded to an enthusiastic crowd. 

The only hope is to never loose the faith, Keep pushing and aim high, join up stand with us, The British National Party is the only option.

Gary Tumulty, Motions

The second part of the meeting was about  motions for the 2012 British National Party conference. Organiser Gary Tumulty went through a few idea's he would like to propose at the up and coming regional council meeting, hard hitting issue's such as housing, 'Local Houses for Local People' and Educational matters, Students fee's Gary and Salford would like to see fee's abolished and a free education offered to all British students, the youth is the future of our once great country.` 

Offer free education, will offer family's who live in poverty a chance to put their children into university, educate children give them a better out look in life, and make an even playing field for top jobs, engineer's, doctors / nurses and barristers, just think if we train our people to be doctors we could take back the NHS and have doctors we understand and not these foreign ones we have in current situe, Gary explains to Salford. 

Gary Tumulty tells correspondents "I love meetings like this, very productive, Motions for conferences, debate's and full discussions on the issues put before us, Its nice to see every member in Salford having their say and participating in the meetings.

"Motions for the conference are still open so please, if you have any idea's you want to offer some thing different and bring it to the table don't hesitate to contact me, we believe in democracy and are open to new fresh idea's, we must be fast because we don't want to be last, strike while the iron is hot " Gary concludes.

All Welcome

Motions must be in writing and forwarded Gary on or write to Salford BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

Just to make clear motions are idea's that can improve the party, or can change or create new policy, you must imagine it as if we are in power, All motions will be discussed some point next month at the North West Regional Council meeting and the best idea's will be placed before the National Executive, 

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