Sunday, 8 July 2012

Salford Council Had £130,000 Stolen Right Under There Nose

Gary Tumulty, BNP Outside Salford City Council Civic Centre 

Top finance officers at Salford Council Civic centre have been duped in to giving away £130,000 of tax payer’s cash to fraudsters posing as contactors who are owed cash

This is a string of incidence involving rogue cow boy contactors, as in 2009, the council contractors Bramhall Construction and Richardson Projects was caught up in over millions of pounds of price fixing for work across the city

The organised gang that spotted and targeted the weakness at the council also persuaded the city’s accountant to change the details of the payments from legitimate invoices

Labour controlled Salford Council, have bided and need to save the city £24 million pound this year, do not know how the money lost will be replaced

The City of London Police, National Fraud Intelligence Bureau who have been called in to investigate the fraud, it is thought no council staff are thought to be involved at this stage, but a full inquiry is underway  

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party “I would like to know just how this has happened, and will be following this case very closely, I really think the accountants down at the civic centre are stupid to be duped this way, I mean why on earth would you change a bill to another person’s name?

“From time to time I get odd emails in my spam section; please I need 100K for help, send cheques to……. It’s a scam every body knows it is, its similar to what’s happened here, Dear Salford Council, the work that contractor did needs paying to a different account send your payments to……

“I know exactly how to replace the money stole by the fraudster, given the fact in the past Salford Council has been ripped off by contractors and money swindled of various departments, I think the chief executive, Barbara Spicer who is paid over 200K must resign from instant effect, for bringing the council in to disrepute by not placing tighter control over the city’s tax payer money” Gary Concluded

Do you know of corruption in Salford City Council? Are you a member of staff from the Council who knows some thing and want to blow the whistle?

Write anonymously to Salford BNP Investigation’s PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT or email


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