Monday, 5 September 2011

Salford Housing Discrimination Scandal

Not For The British

Salford Council have admitted there is nothing they can do about discrimination in regards to selecting tenants for house’s and selected certain public on a ethnicity chose.

The Property Place Manchester have sent out and advert on there web site advertising properties on the Irwell Riverside ward of Salford for Chinese’s Only, its discrimination to the highest order. 

After three emails sent over two week asking very awkward questions and for Salford council to respond, they finally admit there is no sanction the Local Authority can impose to insure discrimination over ethnicity to select tenants can be allowed to happen.

Houses in Salford like many other parts of the country are hard to come by, There is far to many people and not enough houses and now landlords are dictating and calling for certain ethnicity’s and shutting others out.

The British National Party is calling for common sense ‘Put the British first, Local Houses for Local People’ we are sick of being put to the back of the que and on forever  never ending social housing waiting lists. 

This type of threat is real, and unstoppable, The real possibility here is that you could get a landlord who buys a massive patch of houses and can now put one type of foreign nationals in one area, you will see city’s colonized even quicker, such as Rochdale / Oldham and Moss Side.

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party Organiser says “Just think if a landlord said ‘calling all white British only’ the amount of fuss what would be made, not to mention all the names he would be called, Its simply not fair it discrimination towards the British People,  Lets start looking after our own, its our country and we come first

“Salford is a Labour controlled council so, I understand why they will not do any thing, there looking at the bigger picture, gerrymandering the votes” Gary Concluded 

Below are the emails to and from the council if you want to send your disgrace or complains send them to

The 1st email; To the council

Could Salford Council please tell me the guide lines on private landlords and discrimination of an ethnicity of being allowed to move into property's?
Would the council say its acceptable for a landlord to pick and choose on who they rent house's / flats out based on there ethnicity? I.E. Only accepting white people in?

If a landlord does decide to do this, would the council say any laws would have been broken? 
If so what laws are we looking at? or would it be deemed to be political incorrect or racist? 

Number 2 To the council

Salford City Council

This is the second and final reminder to reply to my email request, It is totally unacceptable that no body is replying,
If I don't get a reply before the end of today a complaint will be made, 
Let me remind you The British National Party has an elected MEP and we hold a considerable amount of power in Salford, and we expect the same level of service as the other party's

Number 3 From the council

Dear Mr Tumulty
With regard to your recent enquiry I can confirm that private sector lettings are the responsibility of the individual private landlords concerned and the Local Authority cannot comment on hypothetical scenarios. We would expect that private sector landlords follow all legal obligations when letting properties.
Please find enclosed a link to an Office of Fair Trading guidance document on unfair terms in tenancy agreements which may be of assistance to you
You also might want to contact professional organisations like the Residential Landlords Association or Shelter for further advice.
Yours sincerely 
R Turner
Private Sector Housing Manager

Number 4 To the council

If I had a complaint of concern in regards to Lardlords who are letting properties on the basis of ethnicity who can I complain to?
What would Salford Council have to say on the matter of letting on the ethnicity as well, and what extent do Salford council have dealing with private landlords?

Is Salax Homes / City West considered Private Landlords as they as I understand it sub letting for Salford City Council?
Have Salford Council had any complains in regards to landlords / letting out properties in respect of ethnicity?

Number 5 From the council

Mr Tumulty I will need to look into some of the points you raise and get back to you. I'm not aware of any complaints, it would be useful if you gave me an idea of what landlord/s you are concerned about, since they are regulated in different ways. I wouldn't consider Salix and City West private landlords, they are considered to be social housing. Private landlords let properties on assured shorthold tenancies of typically 6 or 12 months, whereas Salix and City West offer secure tenancies. 

Number 6 to the council

I have had a complaint raised with my self over a private landlord who has discriminated over the ethnicity of the way they select there tenant, what type of action can the council take if i provide you with the details and location of the property. 

Number 7 from the council

 I'm not aware of any sanction the Local Authority would have in this instance but I will look into this for you.


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