Sunday, 18 September 2011

Salford BNP Video's

BNPTV & Salford

Red White And Blue Salford opens new part of the site to show you video's filmed in Salford by the dedicated hard working TV crew of the British National Party, 

In the archive to view is, Iraqi Elections held in Salford, General Election Video's, General Meetings held at Salford BNP, Irlam bomb blast, Most recent Salford Riots and much more

Most video's feature British National Party Chairman Mr Nick Griffin MEP and the work he does around Salford, what the press are scared to show you.

Click this link or the bar above to be directed to the new part of the site,

A question asked the most, What do the BNP do in Salford? well here are the answers, just see for your self., ITN, BBC and rags like the Manchester Evening News, Salford Advertiser wont tell tell you, but we WILL

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