Friday, 9 September 2011

Democracy Is Dead In Salford.

Salford Council On The British National Party. 

Salford Council have recently employed a Social Media Manager Clare Hunter who gets on average £34 Thousand Pound a year to control such site’s like twitter and facebook for the public to explain what the elected bodies do for them, and let the Salfordian’s have their say on their wall’s. That unless you are an elected member of  the British National Party

Clare Hunter and Salford Council have refused to place any status’s up in regards to Mr Nick Griffin MEP, for his work he does as part of his democratically elected role as MEP, Mr Griffin visits Salford to visit his constituency, to take up local issues, and any concerns Salfordian’s have.

Most recent British National Party Chairman Nick Griffin MEP visited Salford after the riots that had been seen on the evening of 8th August. Salford Council have placed a black out on the work Mr Griffin does for Salford as MEP and continuing to promote the work of the dead leg Labour Party members.

Salford Council use facebook and twitter as a Labour propaganda machine, as they do not have problem tweeting and placing status’s what Labour Party members are doing, and continue to refuse to explain what Mr Nick Griffin does for Salford, and even going as far as to say they don’t work for him or the European Union. This also comes after claiming £2,887,574 from the EU since January 2010

Salford Council’s Clare Hunter also thinks it is acceptable to remove any comments British National Party supporters, members or officials decide to place on their Facebook wall, In Clare’s words this is done because they don’t like heated debates on there wall.

Barbara Spicer Chief Executive of Salford Council is insistence that they are all for democracy in our town, but this constant removing of comments and Social Blackout of the British National Party member is a clear breech of there own rules, The Extreme Left Socialist Labour Party run Salford Council and will never allow for any one with opinions opposed to wicked ways to have they say, elected or not.

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party Organiser tell us “Its shocking, I have pleaded a number of times for Salford Council to start behaving in a fair and fashionable way, We want a fair crack of  the whip I voted for Nick Griffin MEP to represent me in Salford, Labour can think they have their way here in my town, but I will never rest until we remove every single last one of them traitor’s from the Council and replaced with British National Party councillors and MP’s”

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  1. Try complaining to the standards board at the council and the democratic services.

  2. Email sent to the fascist. Clearly the council is wasting money with non jobs like this too

  3. Thank you John Let the RWB Team know about your answer you get off them.