Sunday, 18 September 2011

Salford Education Suffers At The Hands Of Immigrants

Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty Out Side A Salford School

A baby boom amongst the immigration population of Salford has took it’s toll on the Salford education system extra help bussed in and old class rooms are re-opened.

Salford primary schools numbers have shot right up, since a whole new wave of immigrants who have been invited to come and stay and live in Salford.

Its been reported that Salford council chiefs are so worried, that an extra 750 places have now been created within the primary schools, along with extra hands brought in to help out with this awful mess, what Labour have brought in.

It  is estimated this will cost the Salford tax payer an extra £630,000 to provide the education for the mass immigrant flux what has hit Salford, coming from eastern Europe, the figure is only estimated and could rise up even further.

It is said some schools are converting areas such as IT suites back into teaching spaces, while others are building temporary classrooms, along with  drafting in extra teachers to deal with the education crisis

A Salford Council report says “However, this may be unavoidable. Unfortunately, it is not predictable how many families will choose to live in Salford or relocate within Salford.”

The independent 21st Century Learning Commission said there would be a 1,400 shortfall by 2016, equivalent to three large primary schools. In total, 24 schools have provided an extra 623 reception places and 131 in Year One and Year Two

Salford British National Party Organiser tells our correspondents “This is unbelievable, Only last month we had Salford Labour, and council leader John Merry, saying what a great joy it was to invite over 4000 new comers to Salford and what benefits they bring,

“It comes to show Labour has lost the plot, what benefits are they bringing? Immigration Is costly, and we simply can not afford it. Its out of control,

“We have boarder controls what are not working, It getting like a third world now in Salford, we have to revise it now, before the we see the destruction of our city and great nation,

“In this case, it’s the British Children who are suffering, lets concentrate on educating our own before the rest of the world, Our children the British are worth investing in, they are our future”

“When I stand in my ward Irwell Riverside I will be challenging any of the Labour Party to a hustings, they have answers that they need to be held accountable for” Gary concluded

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