Thursday, 22 September 2011

Eccles By Election BNP Candidate

Eccles Candidate Kay Pollitt BNP 

Salford British National Party, are pleased to announce their candidate Kay Pollitt, for the Eccles By Election Thursday 20th October 2011, called after the sudden death of Labour’s John Cullen,

After candidate selection Kay was only to happy to put her name forward for the first time and stand in the Eccles ward,

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party says “Eccles is a great ward, the British National Party have never contested this ward, every time we have visited Eccles Precinct, there has been scores of support directed to us, We have a first time candidate, and a first time ward times are exciting and changing,

Kay Pollitt Eccles British National Party Candidate says “I joined the British National Party some time ago now, on the sole purpose of getting actively involved and standing for the party, Our country, our children and our people are the most important thing, we can not bow down to the traitor in power, if they get their way unchallenged they will delete the British people out of our country, and we will become the minority”

Any body wishing to get involved contact Salford British National Party on 07909 674 006

Donations can be sent to

PO Box 16
M6 7PT



  1. Heard rumours that is was Iran that funded that Mosques extensions

  2. Good luck Kay and best wishes to you all on the campaign trail in Eccles

  3. Good luck to the candidate and Salford Branch.

  4. I live in Eccles and so many people don't know a thing about any election and sure DON'T know the BNP are standing. People always say there never on the form,So its up to people to let them know this time they ARE.good luck