Monday, 30 May 2011

Young Angry Racist and Anti British

Alleged Anti racist pop rap group Class Actions, have proved their true colours and motives by promoting the racist words and Marxists fascist ultra left wing ideology with some of their latest tunes which they rap along to, RWB Salford doesn’t think much of the group and realises they will not go very far in the British Music Industry, as they are more like a drunken stag on a karaoke night.

One of the lead singers Aslan AK the failed law student from Weaste, a young angry anti British immigrant from Turkey, has released such songs called “F**K The BNP” other tracks talk about having anal sex with Kate Middleton on the Royal Wedding Day, a song which is anti British Monarchy, Shame on you. To top things off Aslan and his mini pop group has released the latest tune called “House N****R no more” A racist title to a racist tune.

RWB Correspondant Spoke to Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty who said “I have had the displeasure of meeting Aslan in person. Aslan is a vile excuse for a human being who likes to go round saying he is Anti Racist, but the real truth is Aslan is the real Racist and very anti British, people like him do not deserve to reside in the British Shores, it makes me wonder with his views why he has come to this country”

RWB Salford has a good source what states Class Actions has caused a bit of eruption with their latest stunt, with the racist song they have, people are now doubting Class Actions loyalty and cant work out what their agenda is.

Aslan himself is a political activist, who openly supports Labour, and in his spare time delivers leaflets for the TUSK - Trade Unions political wing in Salford. Such aggression, language he uses, racism and anti British ways he has its no wonder the TUSK come last in every ward in Salford, the truth of the matter is the voters of Salford are not stupid.

The British National Party is the way forward and the only political party to put a stop to morons like this and to make a real difference.


  1. Yet this obvious racist has not been charged with a hate crime? Surely the lyrics to certain of his songs constitute hate towards Britons and as stated by Nick we are now a clearly defined ethnic group. Don't let him get away with this!

  2. Haha you bunch of old fat fucking hypocritical cunting pro nazi bitches. You Salford lot are a bunch of poofs. You try so hard and do anything to try and hide your racist faces. HAHAHA cute.

  3. "The British National Party is the way forward and the only political party to put a stop to morons like this and to make a real difference."

    That quote just made my day :') Good luck! lol