Wednesday, 25 May 2011

HMP Forest Bank Salford Exposed.

In the height of all the cut backs, prisoners at Cat B Forest Bank young offenders institution that holds over 1064 prisoners are being treated much better than our own normal law abiding citizens. 5 Star bed and breakfast luxury treatment is being applied at the prison. The prisoners are being fed much better than our troops on the front line.

Look at menu below!!!

The prisoners are given a fine choice of 5 meals a day to pick from on a weekly bases no expense spared, a menu is sent round to each prisoner in each cell, to select what they would like on the weekly bases. HMP Forrest bank is contracted out to Kaylx a private sector security company. Not only do prisoners get a play station, sky television but they now get served upon hand and foot all at the expense of the tax payer, troops on the front line do not even get fed properly and they are fighting for queen and country, so who says crime doesn’t pay?

The menu obtained by Gary Tumulty Salford Organiser says “I find it really hard to grasp, that some one who breaks the law would get the star treatment of such standards, pensioners are starving to death in the winter, warmth or food they have to pick from, not only thins but it is so unbearable to think troops on the front line in afghan serving for the country, don’t even get fed this well, its sickens me and we think here in Salford it’s a total disgrace!”


  1. Mostly foreigners thats why. Have to treat them properly. Otherwise it's against their 'human rights'. (naturally this is said with sarcasm!)

  2. It is clear that crime pays, this is not a detterent at all...Donna