Monday, 23 May 2011

Who Reaps The Benefits Then?

Northwest British National Party Nick Griffin MEP, has hit the nail right on the head, by saying a tremendous saying "take away the jam, and the wasps will stay at home"  below is figures obtained by the RWB research team, on just how bad immigration has on the Salfordian's.

Now as we say the figures we did report some time last year and we are now submitting the same FOI requests for the year 2010 / 11 just to see how bad the forever changing face in Salford is

Below is shocking, from a whole range of benefits, education, health care and housing read and see for your self.

Q1, How many have reported to Dallas Court Centre in the year of 2008 and up to August 2009?

A- On average, Dallas Court deals with approximately 8000 Reporting Events each month.  A Reporting Event requires a person to report as part of the conditions of any temporary release or bail granted.  However, the frequency of reporting events varies from person to person, and it is not therefore possible to accurately state how many ‘individuals’ have actually reported to Dallas Court during the period from January 2008 to August 2009. 

Q2, Can you list all benefits and claims asylum seekers are entitled to?

We call this cash support. For information on who can receive this help and how it is paid, see Cash support.

The amount of cash support we pay is based on the amount of income support paid to permanent residents of the United Kingdom by the Department for Work and Pensions. It takes into account the fact that, unlike permanent residents who receive income support, asylum applicants do not have to pay bills for essentials such as electricity, gas and water

The current rates of support are:

Qualifying couple (married or in a civil partnership): £69.57
Lone parent aged 18 or over: £42.16
Single person aged 18 or over, excluding lone parent: £35.13
Person aged at least 16, but under 18 (except a member of a qualifying couple): £38.18
Person aged under 16: £50.81

The rate for a single person aged 25 or over (excluding lone parent), where the decision to grant support was made prior to the 5 October 2009 and the person reached age 25 prior to that date, is £42.16. However, this rate will not be be offered to any new applicant applying for support after 5 October 2009.

mothers to be;

If you are a woman who is pregnant or with children under three, you can receive extra money to help you buy healthy food.
A baby under the age of 12 months receives an extra £5 a week. Pregnant women and children aged between one and three years receive an extra £3 a week.
If you are pregnant, you may be able to receive a £300 maternity payment, if you meet certain requirements. This money is to help you with the costs of having the baby. You can receive it only once.

You must apply for the maternity payment very close to the time when the baby is born. This must be less than a month before the baby is due to be born, or within two weeks after the birth. Your application must include one of the following:

 an original, full birth certificate;

an original MAT B1 form (ask your case owner about this - it is a form provided by a doctor or midwife as evidence of your baby's birth or expected birth); or
other original, formal evidence of the birth.

Q3, How many of the above were Detained and non detainees?

A- All the people who report to Dallas Court have either been granted Temporary Release or Bail, and are therefore classified as ‘non-detained’. In the period from 1st January 2009 to 31st August 2009, approximately 60 people have been detained upon reporting at Dallas Court.

How much was spent on the use of translators? Also list the top 10 languages that are translated from to English?

A- A total of £8.9M was spent on interpreters during 2008/09.  A record of all languages translated is not held centrally.  However, an analysis of the records held by the Central Interpreters Unit who are responsible for booking a significant number of interpreters for UKBA would suggest that the following are the top 10 languages translated:


Also RWB Salford asked Salford Council-

1. How many property’s do the Home office occupy in Salford?

A- Salford City Council has a contract with the Home Office to provide accommodation and support within which 47 council owned properties are currently used in discharge of that contract.

2. How many of these property’s are empty? And how many occupied?

A- All properties are currently occupied.

3. Who are these property’s for?

A- The properties are allocated by referrals from the Home Office for people seeking asylum.

4. How much has been spent in rent, water rates, electric, gas? (Years of 2008/09)

A- The total combined spend for 47 properties is Rent £80,161.32 Water Rates £4333.40 Electric £26.947.92 Gas £25,872.56.

It was also established that all the property’s are fully furnished

Items in with the deal;

Kitchen Chairs, Dining Table, Sofa, Wardrobes, Chest of Drawers, Beds, Fridge-Freezer, Curtains, Cooker, Mop and Bucket, Long Handled Brush, Swing Bin, Dust Pan & Brush, Set of Pans, Cutlery, Crockery, Utensils(sets), Tea Towel, Bath Towels, Hand Towels, Quilt & Cover, Pillows & Covers, Bed Sheets and a wide variety of benefits as previously reported. Click link below to refresh you memory


  1. Plain to see how foreigners are bleeding Britons dry with establishment collaborators help. Nice work.

  2. 1: I do not see anything about the older "asylum seekers" who get here through safe countries. I've been told they end up better off than our worked all their life and native pensioners.

    2: I believe they also get free TV Licences and 20 inch colour TV's (20 inch minimum)

    On another note didn't Liebour say a few years back that these so called "asylum seekers" wouldn't be getting social housing ?