Saturday, 14 May 2011

Salford BNP 2011 Election Summary

The results for the British National Party in the recent election in Salford were, to be honest, pretty disappointing, especially considering the weeks of planning and preparation the Salford team put in. All five candidates reported massive swathes of support when out canvassing, but unfortunately that didn't turn into actual votes. A low turnout of just 33.5% of the electorate saw everyones vote suffer. Salford BNP will take lessons from this result, and will come back stronger and more determined to do better next time. 

The plus side to the results was seeing the Liberal Democrats suffer huge humiliation and their voter base crash through the floor. Whilst the BNP had nothing to lose and all to play for, the Lib Dems lost two of their safest seats after selling their souls to the devil for a share of power in a very unpopular coalition Government. Back to the drawing board for Norman Owen and his band of not so very merry men. The voters have spoken, and it is up to the British National Party in Salford to take advantage of Lib Dem disdain for their principles and voters, although it would be unwise to write them off just yet.

Salford BNP now have one year to prepare themselves for the next elections, and must not waste a single minute of it, and I'm sure they won't. The hard work starts now.

I have been asked to extend warmest gratitude to all those that helped the candidates with leafletting, canvasssing, and general preparation for the elections, and a massive thank you to the voters who had the guts to stand up to the lying, thieving Labour party, and vote BNP. Your Faith in the British National Party is hugely appreciated.

Thank You.

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  1. Will pay off eventually - well done!