Thursday, 12 May 2011

Five Reasons Why Everyone Should Buy British

Five reasons to buy locally produced, British food.

1) You will be buying safe and traceable products produced to very high standards of wholesomeness. The UK has more commercial free-range hens than anywhere else in Europe. Our pig farmers do not use tethers and stalls, unlike others on the Continent, and our beef farmers do not use veal crates or hormones that those from abroad often do.

2) You will be supporting great British traditions: products such as English strawberries, Scotch whisky, Welsh lamb etc. British food made from British ingredients from British farms represents the best of British culture.

3) You will be supporting your local economy, and, especially in times like these, we must do all we can to help agricultural businesses, as they are often a key part of the local economy. The British farmer also represents very good value for fresh and delicious produce. Shop locally at a farm shop or a farmers’ market to really see the difference between local and mass-produced supermarket food that has often travelled thousands of miles and does not benefit the UK farmer. We have lost nearly half of all our family farms in the UK in the last 40 years. By shopping locally and supporting your local economy, you can help reverse this decline.

4) You will be helping to maintain the beautiful British countryside, because by keeping the UK-based farmers in business, you are helping to reduce the risk of our green and pleasant land being eaten up by developers, new houses and motorways.

5) Above all, it tastes great. And, by only eating British food wherever possible, we will show the supermarkets that their halal meats, their Mexican strawberries and other foreign foods are unwelcome and unnecessary when our farmers are able to produce the same foods that taste better and come from our own land.

Buy British. Eat British. Vote British.

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