Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Good News From The British National Party

Nick Griffin MEP & Salford Organiser Gary Tumulty, Febuary local Meeting

As you must be aware, RWB Salford follows the British National Party and always will, Over the past year the party has been working very hard along with there Chairman Nick Griffin MEP and all of its local organisers up and down the country to improve and get things working more efficent. RWB Salford has been given a full summary of whats took place internally at the BNP;

This is just a taster
  • Party membership is rising again with close to 10,000 just now
  • Party running costs have been slashed (overheads have been cut by 80 per cent)
  • Fundraising is all done in-house by existing staff or volunteers and results are good
  • The level of Party debt is being steadily decreased
  • 10,000 members produce an annual income of at least £250,000. With our very low overheads, this alone is enough to run the Party. On top of that we are encouraging both regular and one-off donations, and we have the Trafalgar Club and subscriptions to VoF as well. Our Central Team is determined that the Party will be run prudently and efficiently and that we develop as a learning organisation. The culture at the centre is very much to listen to complaints and criticism, take valid points onboard and improve.
  • We have had a lot of problems to overcome, but we are getting a fantastic response from people who are being given the facts about our work. Since our report was sent out, a lot of people who had not renewed previously rang or did so online. Let’s get the message out – reports of our death were much exaggerated – we are here to stay.
So as we have stated in the past the
British National Party is the way forward.

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  1. working very hard along with there Chairman Nick Griffin

    should be - their chairman.