Monday, 7 March 2011

Salford Council Tree Budget

1) The current annual spend on purchasing and maintaining the trees and potted plants in all your department's properties.

We purchase in the region of 120 trees a year, mainly in the Autumn/Winter period. The cost is approximately £6,950

2) How many trees and potted plants your department actually has in all properties?

Potted plants are placed in various areas of the Civic Centre building. There are approximately 180 plants a year at a cost of, £600 per annum

3)Name and job title of person responsible for purchasing and maintaining trees and plants. And, if applicable, the name of the contractor responsible for this?

The maintenance of trees is outsourced to Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council.

The Senior Technical Coordinator is the officer responsible for purchasing trees/shrubs and plants. The contractors are varied dependent upon who wins the contract via the tendering process.

4) If contracted out, when is the contract up for renewal or termination?

The tenders for plants are seasonal covering the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter seasons. The tenders for trees are annual and due in October.

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