Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Jobs to Die for

Its a tough job but some bodies got to do it....

'1. How many staff are involved with Salford Councils Facebook/twitter
accounts and keeping it up to date?

The council's web team (three members of staff), who are responsible for
the ongoing development of the council's internet website and the in-house
intranet, look after our Facebook/Twitter pages. The time they spend
maintaining these pages is only a small part of the wider role they

2. What is the job description ie communications officer, how much do the
council pay them and do the work from home or a council office? (also
include job roles)'

Corporate Web Master - £29,236 - 34,549
Senior Web Marketing Officer - £22,221 - 26,276
Principal Systems Development Officer - £29,236 - 34,549

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