Thursday, 10 March 2011

A black St George, and a sorry looking Dragon.‏

Written by Keith Fairhurst, with a hat tip to Liverpool BNP blog.
When you imagine St George slaying a Dragon, what picture do you see? I hazard a guess that you see a valiant white knight, dressed in full  armour, astride his trusty steed, brandishing his sword of finest steel, whilst the Dragon, a ferocious, fire breathing
demonic creature and our patron saint engage in mortal battle. With me so far? The tale of St George originates in the 12th century
when a dragon terrorised a city, demanding beautiful virgins in payment for not destroying the city and killing all it's inhabitants.
St George, a traveller, on hearing of the cities plight, rode into the city and slayed the Dragon, and saved the inhabitants from further death. Still with me? I think you all know the historical story of St George, so I won't elaborate further.
But there is a twist to this ancient tale, a twist so disturbing that I MUST bring it to your attention, It would be dismissive of our culture and heritage if I did not.
In a brazen attempt to wipe out and eradicate our identity, everything we know, all things English, the powers that be are changing
the story of St George for their own scurrilious ends.
In Manchester stands a magnificent cathedral, that English hands built, a beautiful monument to our christian values, but within it's walls  preach those that would destroy all we hold dear. What should be a place that upholds our christian beliefs, is in fact
throwing it to the wolves.
This year, Manchester cathedrals canon has decided that St George celebrations are not important enough to be held on 23rd April, citing that it conflicts with Easter sunday the following day. Instead, they plan a 'celebration' 2 weeks later on 8th May, but hang on, I haven't got to the most disturbing bit yet, be patient dear friends. This celebration will consist of 'experimental liturgy' (whatever that means, answers on a postcard please) Jazz music, and poetry. Ok, I could live with that, I have an ecclectic taste, and If you don't like a bit of Jazz, you are a heathen ;), poetry, hmmm, yeah, s'ok I suppose. 'GET ON WITH IT' I hear you cry. Oh, alright then. you deserve to hear the truth about the destruction of our English Identity, so hold onto your hats folks.
If you take a look at the picture with this article, you will notice that it depicts a very different image to what we all know as St George, (remember the white knight on his trusty steed, sword of steel etc etc?) What this picture shows is what appears to be a negro man cutting the chains of oppresion of a sad looking pathetic dragon. To me, this subtle, yet powerful imagery is an attempt to change how we perceive our history and traditional values. It is an attempt to make us feel guilt for the slave trade, to be ashamed of our identity, and to destroy our national pride. I, for one will not feel guilt, I am proud of who I am, I will always uphold the traditions and culture of England, and I ask you all to do the same. Join me in snubbing this disgusting betrayal of England and the true story of St George slaying the Dragon. Celebrate the TRUE St Georges day on 23rd April. Show your pride in who and what you are.
                                                    .......For England.......For St George.......For Ever.......



    Brilliant article Keith! This rape of our culture, tradition and the attempt to eradicate English identity MUST be addressed.

  2. FFS! Thanks for reporting this - even English people who are not nationalists won't like this.

    The term 'over playing ones hand' comes to mind.