Sunday, 6 March 2011

Walkden North Election Results

Labour 1291,
Conservatives 209,
English Democrats 125,
BNP 92,
Liberal Democrats 62.

Turnout 20.9%

RWB Say its not bad result at all, As the turn out was very low, with only 20.9% of the voters coming out to vote. The BNP Came away with 5.2% of them votes

RWB Spoke to the candidate, Keith Fairhurst on the night, who stated “I would just first start off by thanking the voter, who came out to vote, not only the BNP Voters but all those who believe in a democracy in the Walkden North Ward. As we took over 5% of the votes from this ward, it’s a very positive result and a new building block for the coming May elections. What I did find shocking is how the English Democrats, wasted tax payers money by calling this election and refused to come and stand with all the other candidates and returning officers on the night of the election."

RWB Also spoke with Agent and Salford Organiser Gary Tumulty who said “The British National Party have never contested this ward in the past, so any kind of result is a 100% vote increase, Keith is a very good candidate and will be returning in the May Election, Walkden North election over past months so has been very intresting, A lot of support lies in this ward, we have now been out numbered with enquires and local issues, which we are now looking into”

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  1. This is a brilliant result! Getting over 5% in a previously uncontested ward. Knocked the LibDems! Onwards and upwards!