Sunday, 12 January 2014

Salford Mayor Doubles Back On Chief Executive Pay

 Laugh In The Face Of Salford

To what amounts to another slap in the face for Salfords hard up residents, Labour party mayor Ian Stewart has announced plans to appoint a " head of paid services" ( council chief executive) on an annual salary of up to £150,489.

This, coming after the announcement that the council plan to cut their budget by at least £25m, and with up to 300 job losses to boot, flies in the face of Stewarts earlier pledge to install a council "manager" on a salary circa £70,000.

Less than 12 months ago, highly paid, but under worked chief executive Barbara Spicer, on an estimated £212,000 salary, was given the push, no doubt for Stewart to put in place one of his sycophants as it was well documented he and Spicer didn't see eye to eye.

What we at RWB Salford would like to know is, how can Stewart, and his "yes" men in chambers, justify a large salary considering such drastic cuts to budget and front line staff?

I would suggest a sinister plot to ensure Stewart remains at the helm, reaping his ill gotten gains through removing any dissident employees, and replacing them with useful idiots is his plan for Salford.

Stewart has no interest in the ordinary people in Salford, his election to mayor has become his own personal gravy train, loaded with all the gold he could ever wish for, and he plans to milk it for all it's worth.

Not even a true Salfordian, he has got himself a nice cosy little number, stealing a living at the expense of the real Salford people.

Well, Mr Mayor, we at RWB Salford have some news for you, we will never rest until we expose the grubby swindler you are, and we fully intend to oust you, and that no good party from Salford for ever.

Would you like us to pass a message to the mayor, write to us at PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT