Thursday, 9 January 2014

Salford Labour’s Dumbing Down Of Christmas.

Ban Christmas Say Labour
As Christmas finishes and the New Year breaks in, the PO Box at Salford is getting very busy with scores of complaints about the local Labour party.

The latest outrage is how over the Christmas period Labour activists were deployed to deliver a card containing the words ‘season’s greetings’ as opposed to ‘happy Christmas’.

Concerned constituents in Claremont ward of where the leaflet had formulated decided to contact their local councillors a letter stated how they had rang Labours Joe Murphy who said he had no knowledge of the leaflet, but also had no problems with christmas being called seasonal, he did say he would look into the matter as he placed the receiver down.

Another call was made to a Labours laziest councillor Sareda Dirir and was asked why the word Christmas had been struck off the leaflet and replaced with a more dumbed down word, because of fear of upsetting ethnic minorities. Sareda then prattled on saying that she likes Christmas actually, she gets Christmas presents... she likes waking up on Christmas day along with other utter nonsense comments, as she didn’t really understand the question, and failed to answer it with a logical explanation.

Acting North West Regional Organiser from Salford said “Vote Labour, get a ban on Christmas, If your offended by that word or part of year, then good, this is Britain, and we celebrate it, so I suggest you either fit in or……….”.

Have you got something to tell us that you’re not happy with, write to British National Party, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

You can also contact Gary or Salford BNP directly by email


  1. Well said RWB. I have met several people who are absolutely outraged at this affront to the dignity of indigenous Britons. You are quite correct when you state that 'A VOTE FOR LABOUR IS A VOTE TO BAN CHRISTMAS!'