Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Illegal Immigrant Rise At Salford Reporting Centre.

Dallas Court Salford.

Dallas Court, South Langworthy Road, Salford, a reporting centre for the Home Office has seen a surge of illegal immigrants over the past year, despite the coalition Tory / Lib Dem government saying it would curve immigration and crack down on people coming illegally.

The British National Party have previously exposed the UK Border Agency along with Labours Salford City Council for harbouring the 4000 or so quota from last year,  who get all the gas / electric with other assortment of bills paid, along with being given express services to the housing stock, NHS, educational services and other sorts of financial cash benefits handed out each week, whilst refusing to speak English costing the tax payer 8.9 Million pounds a year just to speak the language of every nation at this reporting centre.

Not So Nice Jaws The Secuirty Guard Dallas Court

A freedom of information has been submitted once again by the Salford Branch of the British National Party to discover the true reality that immigration is not working in Salford and more are flocking in under the radar to scam this country to the tune of millions of pounds.

Amongst the figures released it has now been established we have had a jump in volume to previous years, adding to this the news that we are set to receive a surge of unchecked Romanians thus only adding to next year’s total. The people who are illegally of the 5012 who check in every month top countries are as follows.

Pakistan 955
Islamic Republic of Iran 680
Nigeria 545
China 320

Closely followed by Iraq, Libya, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Jamaica and the Congo

The request also reveals how illegals that check in at the reporting centre are entitled to have their transport fully paid for, costing in the region of £8500 a month an estimated £102,000 a year.

Acting North West Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty from his branch in Salford said “this is truly shocking, I often have to pass Dallas Court and I have noticed the queues outside are getting bigger every day. To me it’s not about what’s happening, what’s done is done, it’s about what you intend to do about the problem and that is to get out there get active, posting leaflets, heightening presence in town centres, standing for elections and just letting these people in power who allow this to happen know enough is enough we will not stand by and let you destroy our culture, heritage and most of all our identity”.

Feel like a stranger in your town, do you feel the passion Gary has. Get involved today contact him today by emailing Salford@bnp.org.uk also write directly to him at Acting North West Regional Organiser, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.