Friday, 3 January 2014

Salford Labour Botch Up Leafleting Sessions

Labour Tear It Up.

As 2014 local and EU elections fast approach, Salford Labour are out targeting the postal voters like clockwork, the Irwell Riverside ward where councillor Stephen Coen head of international relations has been flagged up on many occasions distributing a calendar match with policy to the constituency.

The leaflet has come to attention of local British National Party candidate acting North West Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty. Who unlike Stephen lives in the ward and experiences all the local issues first hand. In 2013 the Labour Councillors have been nowhere in sight and it is only recently that they are now getting spotted,

On closer inspection of the Labour leaflet we can look at what they are really saying and then put our policy against it. They claim.

They would reset the energy market so it works for family and businesses, by freezing the energy bills till January 2014, - Gary Says “The energy sector is run by big profiteering private businesses who hack into the national grid and expose the prices, and make them sky high to suit the one benefactor, the shareholders, BNP Policy would be to re nationalise the energy sector so we would be able to fix the prices down and benefit the people who matter, the British!

Who Is The Labour Team, Where Is Moldy?

Labour claim, to introduce a job guarantee for young people out of work for a year, and for every one out of work for two years, Gary Says “Where are these jobs coming from we have a new wave of Romanian EU immigrants entering this country on the hope of getting jobs, Greater Manchester has one of the highest unemployment rates and it is said in Salford 500 people are applying for every one job advertised, BNP policy says British Jobs for British workers, we will give our own people jobs first!

Also Labour say cut taxes for small businesses, Gary says “How many market stalls have shut down, how many pubs have closed how many cafes have shut shop, this is small business, Labour have destroyed Salford and small businesses by selling most of the Land to Peel Holding’s who don’t pay tax and own the Trafford Centre, they have also given land cheap to the likes of Tesco / Asda and Morrisons so small businesses can’t compete BNP say we will back small businesses by giving tax reliefs and stopping big businesses ruling the roost we will create a more free open trade for all local businesses.

Labour leaflet outlines how working parents 25 hours of free childcare for 3 and 4 year olds Gary states current government policy says the torys will give 70% of any childcare for parents wanting to work from any age, we at Salford BNP say we will back British parents who want to return to work and we would offer you free unlimited child care at state nursery’s and schools.

If reading this from the Labour leaflet wasn’t bad enough the icing on the cake comes when they say they would require every large firm hiring a migrant worker from outside the EU to offer an apprenticeship in return Gary says back in this undertone of a policy Labour are not saying who this apprenticeship would be open to a EU worker, another non EU worker or a British person, but don’t you think that’s a bit poor a migrant worker would get a good living salary to live on and the apprenticeship would get at a push national minimum wage or slightly below, well this goes back to our core policy British Jobs for British Workers.

Labour’s last sinister policy says they would axe the bedroom tax Gary's final point outlines it was the Labour Party who gave the tory’s the wacky idea of this bedroom tax as under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown they introduced it to private landlords, but let’s get the point correct here the Labour Party keep saying they are against this tax but they are the ones enforcing it and land the eviction orders to those who don’t pay, BNP say we will cut the bedroom tax completely.

Battle lines commence and as you can see British National Party makes mincemeat of Labour tear up policy pleas. 2014 will be a very interesting year for the party, and voters in Salford along with many other places will be given that choice, who will you back?

Gary Tumulty tells site “You see this is Labour at its best targeting postal voters, my labour insider sent me that though our local PO Box, I am a postal voter but they didn’t bother targeting me because their data says not to bother as it’s a wasted leaflet, a few of my supporters on the ward have also given me the same leaflet and I have just explained our policy in a face-off back to back as I report here, I can tell you that people are looking at their options and picking the BNP because we have all the answers.
But we must not forget to get out there and sign our own block postal block votes up”.

To sign up for a Postal Vote please email Gary today on letters of support and Labour tip offs then continue to send them to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.