Thursday, 9 January 2014

2014 Start As We Mean To Go On In Salford.

BNP 2014

Salford British National Party, committed to the nationalist cause, say we throw our full support behind the 2014 local and EU re-election campaign of the party chairman Nick Griffin MEP.

Acting North West Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty, addresses his local team of activists and members not only from his branch in Salford, but to the whole of his region.  

News arrived of party chairman being declared bankrupt and all the media focuses on that one single issue, but really who cares? Thousands of people across the United Kingdom go bankrupt daily, so why is it big news that Nick Griffin hit the rocks of bankruptcy, the true fact it isn’t, there are more pressing issues out there like boys and girls fighting in wars in Afghanistan placing their lives on the front line for us, the British.

Talking of bankruptcy again, the media miss the fact that our own people are being suppressed by the Tory lead government into a dark and deep depression, we have the Department for Work and Pension’s refusing point blank to help the British by suspending, and taking back benefits of all types to meet their weekly quota to get people off benefits no matter what cost, this targets the mass unemployed, single parents, disabled and the OAP’s, leaving hundreds and thousands of people without money and no one to turn to.   

No electric, no gas and no food, and no help from the British Government is the harsh reality whilst we have, asylum seekers who come pay nothing in, and in the words of the authorities of the country say are obliged to look after them.

The answer is, to get out, get active and take the bull by the horns, there are elections coming and the media will focus on the most pathetic and minute things we do, expect it, this is the British National Party, we are different, we don’t sit in line, we speak out, we stand up for what we think is morally right, so join me and many other activists across the region on the front line today.

My question, that needs answering straight away can you.

1, Help post leaflets on your street, so we don’t have to, its one less street to worry about it because you played your part and did it.

2, Spend an hour or so spreading the word of the only nationalist party game in town message in streets or town centres.

3, Go out and collect as many postal votes as you can, this is the key to winning elections as they are 8 times more likely to vote than the ballet station voters.

4, Become an online activist and target your own local groups and like pages.

5, Ring people, ex members / petition signers or supporters ask them to sign up to a postal vote and secure it to the British National Party.

6, Send donations of any amount towards things like petrol to transport activists, leaflets and Nick Griffin North West EU Campaign. Even sending a book of stamps goes a long way.

Gary Says “One of the six you must be able to do, I thank any one in advance, so please do contact me today”.

To contact Gary email  - Donations must be made out to ‘British National Party or British Heritage’ and sent to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.


  1. I can and I will do those things RWB.