Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Salford School Crisis

Stop Mass Immigration Says Salford BNP 

British National Party exposed on this site 18th September 2011 how Salford schools had took a battering from the mass immigration,(Click Link) and the baby boom that followed behind it, Left wing rag of a paper Manchester Evening News ran a headline report to the same effect today.

It is reported how schools in Greater Manchester have now run out of spaces, make shift portable cabin's will now be drafted in, along with old class rooms re-opened to keep children in school because of the rocketing numbers of immigrants pouring into the country.

The four worst effected places, Salford, Manchester, Trafford and Stockport, have closed its doors at many primary schools and head teachers refusing to take more children in, stating we are full to the bursting.

Salford school crisis as previously reported first on this site, now has to spend a massive 500,000 to draft in the use of portable cabins to keep up with demands and help accommodate a further 700 pupils John Merry failed Labour mayoral candidate, who was stabbed in the back by his own party stated "an extra ten schools were required to create a further 4200 predicted new comers to keep in with demands"  Senior council official say John Merry predictions is a 'dark act, and quite scary'.

Gary Tumulty Salford, British National Party Organiser tells the reporters  "The Manchester Evening News is reporting Old News, and stealing our findings we report it how it is, we all know what the Labour Party are doing, Importing foreigners to gerrymander for votes.

"British children should come first we should never deny them an education, close the boarders fast time is running out, we cannot handle the flood of immigrants washing up here and draining our services"" Gary Concludes.

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