Thursday, 3 May 2012

Polling Day Vote British National Party BNP [x]

Vote BNP Salford

Thursday 3rd May 2012 has finally arrived, now is the time to make an impact in Salford, this is your final chance, tomorrow is to late, Vote for the British National Party.

All of Salford can vote Eddy O'Sullivan for Mayor

Not only that we have local candidates standing as well

Irwell Riverside - Gary Tumulty
Langworthy - David Spencer
Weaste & Seadly - Tommy Williams
Pendlebury - Wayne Taylor
Swinton South - Kay Pollitt
Cadishead - Brenda Leather
Claremont - Eddy O'Sullivan
Winton - Stuart Henshaw

The polling stations have been open since 7AM and will remain open till 10PM, A list of local stations of where you can vote can be viewed on this site by clicking this link

If you have lost your polling card don't worry, you do NOT  need it, just go down to your local station and give them your name and address, you do NOT even need i.d. 

Forgot your postal vote, and still wish to vote, complete the ballet paper and hand it in at any station across the city of Salford 

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